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All you can make with 1 pattern. PDF Quilted puffer jacket pattern and recipe set

Quilted Puffer Jacket

Let's be active this winter! Here are four patterns and directions for making down jackets.

There are four patterns with and without a hood and/or sleeves.
These patterns are everything you need to make four kinds of doggie down jackets.

Item code: PT006EN-A3-2L~PT006EN-Letter-SS

Quilted Puffer Jacket

Let's be active this winter! Here are four patterns and directions for making down jackets.

The classic style of a lined fur hood
The procedure for putting fur on the hood is standard.
We're adding lining as a way of keeping the dog's fur from sticking to the back of the fabric.
For the lining, use satin or another fabric the dog's fur won't easily stick to.

We've also prepared a video that includes points on how to cut and sew fur, so even people using fur for the first time can easily give it a try.


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Completed Size

Size Back Length(A) Chest(B) Neck(C) Front length(D) Rough standard weight
3S 22cm 35cm 24cm 17cm 1.5~2kg
SS 23.5cm 39cm 28.5cm 19.5cm ~3kg
S 25.5cm 44cm 31.5cm 21cm ~4kg
M 30.5cm 51cm 37cm 23.5cm ~6kg
L 35.5cm 58cm 43cm 26cm ~8kg
2L 39.5cm 64cm 48cm 28.5cm ~12kg
3L 46cm 70m 54cm 30cm ~15kg
Dachshund S(DS) 33cm 44cm 31.5cm 21cm 3~4kg
Dachshund M(DM) 36cm 53cm 37cm 26cm ~6kg
French bulldog(FB) 30cm 63cm 44.5cm 25cm around 11kg
Size Dog breed about
3S Chihuahua/Teacup Poodle/Baby etc.
SS Chihuahua/Toy poodle/Yorkshire Terrier/Miniature Pinscher etc.
S Toy poodle/Miniature Pinscher/Papillon/Pomeranian etc.
M Toy poodle/Maltese/Miniature Schnauzer etc.
L Beagle/Jack Russell Terriers/Wire-haired Fox Terrier/Westie etc.
2L Cavalier King Charles Spaniel/ Pembroke Welsh Corgi/Beagle/Basenji/Wire-haired Fox Terrier/Shiba/American Cocker Spaniel/English Cocker Spaniel etc.
3L Cavalier King Charles Spaniel/Pembroke Welsh Corgi/Mix etc.
Dachshund S(DS) Dachshund
Dachshund M(DM) Dachshund
French bulldog(FB) French bulldog

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How-to Video

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