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USEFUL Dog Carry Bag PDF Pattern & Recipe

Dog Carry Bag

Soft and fluffy check-patterned double gauze

Item code: PT019EN-DL-A3~PT019EN-DL-Letter-RECIPE

Dog Carry Bag

With milla milla, you can make a sturdy, original dog sling carrier with a leash to keep your pet from jumping out.

The sling is compact, foldable and easy to carry around.

Using different fabrics for the sling and the pouch give it a cute look. Experiment with various types of cloth!

This dog carry bag is easy to make. The pouch does not have a cover.

The seam allowance is already on pattern, so just cut out the pattern
and fabric, then start sewing!!

The sewing recipe comes with full color pictures, illustrations and how
to make movie to reduce frastrations of sewing!!


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Completed Size

Shoulder strap length(A) Bag height(B) Width(C) Depth(D)
Size 92cm 27cm 30cm 15cm
Rough standard weight
Size ~5kg

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How-to Video

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