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User Guide

About milla milla

If you're interested in milla milla, please take a look.

To start with

This is especially for people who are just starting to sew dog wear for the first time.

About milla milla's pattern

Here is an explanation of some of the characteristic patterns sold by milla milla, as well as how to use them.

How to select size

When you are not sure what size to choose, refer to the following.

How to order

You can confirm the process from shopping to completing an order here.

How to download

This explains how to access downloadable patterns you have purchased.

How to use your point

Here is an explanation of the point system for this site.

Payment method

Confirm the payment options, as well as the payment method stores we accept payments from here.

Retyrns and exchanges

This is the contact address for exchanges, cancellations, and other concerns.


This is a list of milla milla's affiliated sites.

Legal information

We are compliant with the Act on Specified Commercial Transactions, as certified here.

Privacy policy

Confirm the details of our privacy policy at milla milla here.

Contact us

We accept messages through our inquiry forms or email 24 hours a day.
If you are unsure of any details concerning our patterns or your order, or there are any other patterns you wish we would make, please don't hesitate to contact us with your concerns.
*We do not accept phone calls, so please contact us through either our inquiry forms or email.