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Free dog wear patterns : Tank-top

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You can download a free PDF of this super cute pattern that lets you make a dog tank top.
We offer it for free to anybody making clothes for their pet dog.
Please print out the downloaded dog wear pattern from your personal printer to use.
The page size is set to A4.

You can easily make it with a two-part pattern, so try it out once before buying a milla milla pattern.
We recommend that you try making a tank top to also make sure of which milla milla size fits your family dog.


If you follow the pattern exactly, you can make this kind of tank top.
The model dog Lio weighs 2.5kg and is wearing a size S.

Arrangement 1

You can change it up by adding frills to the hem.

Arrangement 2

A needlepoint design was added to the hem and buttons.

In addition to these, you can also create your own arrangement to your liking. We lay out the steps for creating arrangements 1 and 2 for you on our blog.

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How-to Video(Japanese)

This is a video recording from a "Let's all make a tank top together (using a free download pattern)!" event held on October 30, 2010.
You can check any parts that are hard to understand in the recipe using the video.

Completed Size

Please refer below for the completed sizes of these patterns.
Size Length(A) Chest(B) Neck(C) Front length(D) Weight about Dog breed about
3S 17.5cm 31cm 19cm 14.5cm 1.5~2kg Chihuahua,Teacup Poodle,Baby etc.
SS 21.5cm 35cm 23cm 18.5cm ~3kg Chihuahua,Toy poodle,Yorkshire Terrier,Miniature Pinscher etc.
S 23.5cm 40cm 26.5cm 20cm ~4kg Toy poodle,Miniature Pinscher,Papillon,Pomeranian etc.
M 28.5cm 47cm 31cm 22.5cm ~6kg Toy poodle,Maltese,Miniature Schnauzer etc.
L 33.5cm 53cm 36cm 25cm ~8kg Beagle,Jack Russell Terriers,Wire-haired Fox Terrier,Westie etc.
2L 39.5cm 59cm 38cm 29.5cm ~12kg Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Pembroke Welsh Corgi,Beagle,Basenji,Wire-haired Fox Terrier,Shiba,American Cocker Spaniel,English Cocker Spaniel etc.
3L 46.5cm 64cm 40cm 31cm ~15kg Cavalier King Charles Spaniel,Pembroke Welsh Corgi,Mix etc.
4L 56.5cm 75cm 42cm 43.5cm ~25kg Border collie,Dalmatian etc.
5L 66cm 85cm 47cm 47.5cm ~30kg English Springer Spaniel etc.
6L 72cm 95cm 51.5cm 51.5cm ~35kg Labrador retriever,Golden retrieveretc.
7L 79cm 105cm 56cm 58.5cm ~40kg Bernese Mountain Dog,St. Bernard etc.
8L 87cm 115cm 59cm 64cm ~45kg Bernese Mountain Dog,St. Bernard etc.
Dachshund S(DS) 31cm 40cm 26.5cm 20cm 3~4kg Dachshund
Dachshund M(DM) 34cm 49cm 31cm 25cm ~6kg Dachshund
French bulldog(FB) 28cm 58cm 38.5cm 24cm around 11kg French bulldog

Download FREE Dog Wear Tank Top Pattern Below

Here you can download the free dog wear tank top pattern and recipe.
Size Download:A4 Size(PDF) Download:Letter Size(PDF)
Recipe(How to guide)
Dachshund S(DS)
Dachshund M(DM)
French bulldog(FB)

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Comment from milla milla

We make shirts out of a combination of a variety of fabrics ♪ All of them are wonderful, but you can choose your own refreshing combination from this variety of fabrics! The model dog is looking good

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