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We have added hood and pocket patterns to our free downloads of dog wear tank-top patterns.
These patterns can be used together with the dog wear tank-tops.
The patterns are distributed free of charge for those who want more than just a tank-top or who make clothes for their dogs themselves.
Print out the dog wear patterns you download with your printer to use them.
The printout size is A4.
They can easily be made with our two-part patterns, so try it out before purchasing milla milla patterns.
We recommend making a tank-top to see what milla milla size fits your dog.

Hoods with back cloths, pockets with natural three-dimensional feel

We were a little particular with the design of the pockets that go on the back so that they would have a natural three-dimensional feel to them!!
We're proud of how cute they look from behind, too.
Combine the hoods and pockets to make clothes for your dog with lots of variation.
The details for how to make them are in the Recipe, so download the Recipe, too.
We would love to hear what you think about the Recipe for our patterns.
We will use your feedback to make better patterns in the future.
We'd also love to see pictures of the clothes you make.
We will show them off on our website and blog to serve as a reference for other people.

Completed Size

Please refer to the sizes of the free tank-top for the finished sizes of this pattern.

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Download FREE Dog Wear Tank Top(hood & pocket) Pattern Below

Here you can download the free dog wear tank top(hood & pocket) pattern and recipe.
These patterns are only for hoods and pockets. Download the main tank-top patterns here.

Size Download:A4 Size(PDF) Download:Letter Size(PDF)
Dachshund S(DS)
Dachshund M(DM)
French bulldog(FB)
Recipe(How to guide)

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Comment from milla milla

We make shirts out of a combination of a variety of fabrics ♪ All of them are wonderful, but you can choose your own refreshing combination from this variety of fabrics! The model dog is looking good

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