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For beginners sewing their first dog wear

If you are sewing dog wear for the first time, please refer to this guide.
This guide will explain parts that are difficult to understand when making dog wear for the first time, such as how to choose fabric for dog wear, how to measure your dog's size, or what amount of fabric to use.
You can download a free PDF that explains basic things you should know when making dog wear.

The first "Before you start sewing..." Table of contents

  • Fabric
  • Choosing knit fabrics
  • Identifying the front/back and top/bottom of fabric
  • Measuring your dog's size
  • Deciding the right amount of fabric to use
  • Thread and needles
  • Choosing the right needle for your fabric
  • Choosing the right thread for your fabric
  • Patterns
  • Adjusting the size
  • Preparations before beginning to sew
  • Washing and smoothing fabric
  • Placing the pattern
  • Cutting the fabric
  • Sewing
  • Ironing